Mold Remediation & Clean-Up Alafaya, FL

Mold is a living organism which can be found in almost every corner or every wall of your room. Bacteria causing mold growth generally float in the air, land on structures and wait patiently to get perfect conditions to set up their own kingdom. Water and Food sources are the two most common and perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth. Even with a very low moisture level, mold can survive easily and make your survival hard in your own living area.

At Water Damage Alafaya, we take mold growth seriously and offer mold testing and mold remediation services to minimize mold growth and mold contamination. While mold is present in every possible area, some molds are really hazardous as compare to others. Some of them can even cause serious health problems such as asthma, allergic reactions, respiratory system failure and even much more. Making clear with mold testing, what type of mold has attacked your living or working place helps us to defend. Mold testing also helps us determine the actual level and intensity of mold growth.

Whether you are aware of mold growth in your walls, or it is shocking news for you; one company you can count on for your mold growth restoration is Water Damage Alafaya. We are an experienced service provider for mold testing, mold removal and taking necessary steps to stop future threats.

Once proper mold cleanup is done, we will control the non-tolerable smell spread out in the rooms. Then will properly deodorize and sanitize it. We use proper and latest state of the art equipment and methodology for odor control and sanitization. So call Water Damage Alafaya this time for your mold and mildew restoration. Let us take away the stress of mold growth and its remediation.


Incredibly professional, nice, helpful and extremely thorough! Please extend my compliments to your crews; they left everything neat and tidy. Good job! I'll definitely recommend you to my friends. It's amazing to know that you are around in case of emergencies.

- Shirley S.

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